I stayed at the comfort in in Birmingham Alabama on colonnade parkway. this was by far the WORST hotel i have EVER been in. just a list of what was wrong

1. the carpet around the wall was off

2. the refrigerator was cracked

3. there was some lonely baseboard molding on top of the refrigerator.

4. the dust alone besides the refrigerator was almost an inch thick.

5. the air conditioner was being supported by a 2 x 4.

6. there was rust around every light switch and vent.

7. there were coffee grounds in the plastic of the unopened cups.

8. there were dirty towels mixed in with clean ones.

9. there were 3 strange brown stains that were on the side of the bed sheets.

10. i think that was a peanut beside the bed. didnt want to get to close to it.

11. there was a dead cricket on my drapes that stayed there the entire time i did. he kept me safe, i called him carlos.

12. the trash was never emptied, they just took out what they could carry and left the liner.

now, mind you these things NEVER changed. the sheets NEVER changed...EVER. room service even picked my lock to enter my room while i was in.

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