We woke up one morning to find the table crawling with ants! Took 3 calls before someone was sent up to clean them. After he sprayed/wiped them up, we went down to talk to the guy at the front desk who CLAIMED THERE WERE NEVER ANY ANTS!!

We asked to pay our bill and leave and the psychotic irrational lunatic REFUSED TO GIVE US A RECEIPT. After a while of arguing, he finally admitted that there were ants in the room but claimed that it was our fault because we were "DIRTY PEOPLE."

When we got home from our trip I emailed Choice Hotels to complain and get sent a receipt, only to find that WE WERE CHARGED A $100 FEE with a description that said "THE ROOM WAS A BIG MASS" a. The room was spotless when we left and b. Do they really not know how to spell 'mess'?

After jumping through hoops and being given the runaround by Choice Hotels, they never fulfilled thier empty promise of reimbursement.

Overall, we payed $100 to be disgusted and insulted...DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!!!!!!

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